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Kevin Finnigan - Care Home Singer

When its no longer



Extraordinary Job


Can you provide Testimonials?

Yes I can provide direct contact details for Residential Homes that I have done in recent past. All of them will confirm I arrive on time, that I am very pleasant throughout my stay and that I always make great efforts to Connect with the Patients/ Residents for each particulay show.

What Songs can you Expect?

From Showaddywaddy to UB40, from Elvis Presley to Johnny Cash, and from Dean Martin to Buddy Holly as well as those favourites such as Sweet caroline, Penny Arcade & Teenager in Love, you can be sure there will be plenty fantastic songs to take your Residents back down Memory Lane.

How long does the Show last?

I never set my clock upon arrival but I do find that 60 minutes is more than enough in most cases, allowing for a little chat in between many of the songs.  I can split this into 2 Sets or work straight through, I have no worries about doing it either way or even just going with the flow.